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Bringing Generations Together...

Meet Our Team!

About Us

Our four Directors are Terry, Kim, Claire and Simon. Claire and Simon have used our project since 2019. Claire is also a volunteer and now takes on more responsibility as Director along with Simon. He helps with admin and the website, and is always on hand if we have any IT problems!.

Our role as Directors is to make sure we meet our statutory and funding requirements and to make collective decisions in the interests of The Penlee Family Project and the community we serve. The day-to-day running is undertaken by Terry, Kim and the Team. A key aspect of Claire and Simon’s role is to ensure those who use our services (our stake holders/members) participate in the shaping and development of the Project. We all take this, and ongoing learning very seriously.

Penlee currently has four formal volunteers (people who can commit regularly a minimum of two hours a week). They have specific roles within the project, bringing skills and values to all that we do.

We also have four informal volunteers, people who give their time when they are able to. This is helpful to the people who come to our groups who want to help with certain aspects of what we do, but do not want to take on too much responsibility due to personal circumstances.

An example of how this works is “J” We value “J” immensely, but due to ongoing health issues “J” can only do so much. “J” likes to deliver card making sessions and also a weekly raffle that they continue to oversee. Another example is “P”. “P”, who has Autism, used to do set hours for us, but due to Covid, poor health, and personal circumstances, “P” needed a reduction in stress levels. It now suits “P” to join in when convenient.

Volunteering in whatever form it takes can help with improving health and well-being. We always look forward to when we can be together planning future events, as it uplifts everyone involved when we talk and plan together.


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