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Bringing Generations Together...


What does your role entail at the Penlee Family Project?

“I am new to the role of being a director of the project, so I am still learning about what is involved as being a director. I volunteer in the multigenerational work and find the Friday Friendship group a joy to be part of. The group feel confident to talk to me and I have taken their ideas and suggestions forward to our team meetings to ensure the group has a voice at Penlee”.

What do you like about being a Director for the Penlee Family Project?

“I like that I have the opportunity to learn project management skills. Also, I like that volunteers and users of the project can come to me and discuss things and feel as though they are being listened to and and that I can help resolve things for them.  I like that within the project, we all work as a team to make it as successful as it is.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I am a mum to two children, so my hobbies include doing things with them like family days out or days on the beach or walks in the woods.  I also volunteer for Coastline within their community investment team and attend certain events throughout the year, where I provide hand and arm massage to residents of Coastline.. I also like listening to audiobooks, making home-made jam and marmalade and also baking.”

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