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Penlee Family Project

Baby Haven

Our Baby Haven is a friendly, relaxed, responsive and baby centered session for parents/carers and their babies to make the most of their time together.

Baby Haven is delivered from 9.30am to 12.00pm on a Tuesday at Beacon Village Hall and parents can drop in at anytime where they are offered hot drinks and pastries.

The cost for the session is £4.00

We understand how important the first years are for a child’s development.

We provide a space which considers all elements of a baby’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development to enable parents/carers to support their young one’s grow.

Being a new parent can often be overwhelming. Our Baby Haven sessions are a good opportunity to meet other parents and form friendships.

The Baby Haven team are all parents themselves and between them have many years’ experience of working with parents and babies.

Within our Baby Haven session we have the support and knowledge of Emma, our infant feeding coordinator.

Emma our infant coordinator offers sessions within Baby Haven on:

Why introduce your baby to solids
When to introduce foods (what age/developmental stage)
What foods to give your baby
Baby led weaning vs spoon feeding
Approaches to avoid a fussy eater
Choking & gagging
Meal/snack ideas
Responsive feeding styles to suit individual babies
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Baby Haven

Our Baby Practitioners, Hannah and Sarah, have undertaken PEEP training to support their work at Baby Haven.

We also have the support of Mandy, our lovely Baby Haven volunteer.

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