Friday Friendship

What We Do

  • Meet and support one another through acceptance and friendship
  • Plan activities and organise events that we can all participate in
  • Work with the children from Little Hearts Nursery who join us to enjoy activities
  • Laugh, talk and share thoughts, stories and experiences
  • Share lunch and eating together
  • Invite other organisations and speakers to join us so that we can learn together

Session Guidelines

  • Welcome one another
  • Greet and talk with the children
  • Think about how we can look after the room
  • Children and adults sit down when eating and drinking.
    We enjoy the social aspect of eating together.
  • Help tidy at the end of session
  • To stay safe and look out for one another’s wellbeing
  • Bring to Terry’s attention anything that might worry you about the workings of Friday Friendship

When is it?

Every Friday from 10am until 12pm in our Community Room at Heartlands.

We’re planning to restart our sessions on Friday 2 July.

Please check our social feeds for updates to our sessions.

How do I sign up?

Simply come along to a session, or by contacting us on any of the methods below:

Please contact Terry on any of the methods below:

Telephone: 07912 083 893  /  01209 611 944
Facebook: Message us at
Instagram: Message us at

How much is it?

Sessions are £2 each week, and an extra contribution for more specialist activities. Lunch is an extra £2 to cover ingredients. We usually make soup or sandwiches together.