Intergenerational Community Support

Bringing Generations Together

Penlee Family Project CIC brings people together across generations. We’re here to support the community through evidence-based parenting groups, baby massage, story sessions, sewing classes and so much more.

A 5-week course delivered by qualified practitioners who have completed intensive training and practical work specifically designed by the International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement, founded by Peter Walker.

Baby massage is a vital part of developing your bond with your baby. Our 5 week courses are designed to help you better communicate with your baby.

Friday Friendship invites generations to come together, meet and support one another through acceptance and friendship.

We also plan activities and organise events that we can all participate in, and work with the children from Little Hearts Nursery who join us to enjoy activities.

Laugh, talk and share thoughts, stories and experiences at Friday Friendship.

Recommendations from the Community

"Supportive, affordable baby classes, helpful, friendly and a well needed service in Camborne/Redruth."
Kristy A.
"Cora has enjoyed baby massage, it's been great to meet other babies and share experiences with other mums. The sessions have been relaxed and in a calm, settled environment. Thanks to both Kim and Hannah for a great few weeks."
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